Saturday, December 5, 2009

Unhappy Lately

Lepas satu,satu ujian menimpa aku bulan ni...I swear to God, the toll of pressure is killing me. At least, one problem dah solved for the time being. Aku decided nak patch things up with my girlfriend balik coz i think dapat lah kurangkan one problem..Tapi aku still marah dalam hati coz dia cuba nak amek ringan bende2 yang aku marahkan aritu..SUDAH.MALAS PIKIAQ DAH..

Sekarang ni pulak masalah duit..Aiya..Benci betul kalo masalah duit ni..I have to refuse everything now kalo sesape mengajak keluar..Lagi-lagi sekarang kena bawak keta daily g keje, abeh la depleting duit-duit aku mcm ayaq. So i moved to closer home which is KL. This house belongs to my mum so we all bachelor bros can stay..But i do not like it here. It's very dirty and sunyi. Everybody is doing his/her own business so i feel really bored here.Thank God for the free WiFi..

And then i do not know why, my belly really gotten fatter lately. I think the stress really caught up with my health. With receding hours for sleeping, huge amount of work , having dinner really late after work and depleting cash amount, my belly decided to opt for growth option..LOL. So this month i want to renew myself sempena new year kalendar konvensional and kalendar Islam..Hopefully, this is not gonna be another failure..BLAST OFF!!!


  1. hoho.. hang in there..
    susah la nak ajak ko lepak pas ni sbb ko dah pindah kl..huhu

  2. problem la..
    klang valley is my territory..
    lainler kalo aku pindah nun kat perlis sana