Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Compiler. Time to debug. :)

Mind picking rite about now!! So in quite a pickle!

What if you are given a choice to sum up all your life? How you do it? I was given this option by writing this blog. I have to compile all my memories from a while back to share with you guys. Need to gali all the remaining memories, need to dig back all the pictures somewhere and write all the tragedies and happiness that has happened not so while back. I guess it helps. I have lousy work life now and even lousier love life so this approach is somewhat a therapy for me. But a problem came to mind.. WHERE TO START?


quite a pickle..

mmmm.PICKLES! Sedapnya! Especially in that huge fat BigMAc! Waa..

Aiyo.Mind wandering already. I think i shud start with 2010 new year celebration dulu. What a memory. Check out the next posting for this follow up. This story need pictures but in my pc now where got...PC office lor :(

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