Friday, October 15, 2010

Bank yang sengal!! Part One

Another WTF ,another &%*$# !!!

Huhuh. Actually aku xdelah bengang sangat. Tapi more like in trouble. All because I had applied for credit card and personal loan around the same time, my history is in red alert according to Bank Negara. WTF?

This was actually told by the banker in HSBC. OK.Konfius already ngan cite ni? Let me summarized the story.

Mission: Beli motor.Bajet kena ada around 6K.

Loan CIMB: Applied around earlier last month.Anta Khamis petang. 24 hours processing. Saturday morning got sms saying my application rejected alredi. All smooth and done. Just like what they promised. Easy kan walaupon rejected J

Loan Easy RHB: After kecewa application loan with CIMB declined, straightaway went to RHB AU2. During that time, they were having some sort of open house. Aku masuk dapat bau jek. Diaorg x offer makan ape pon. Hahah. Not like I care. But I was mislead ngan iklan2 RHB ni. Just bring ic? Instant approval? No borang? Banyaklah ko. Banyak yang aku x puas hati ngan servis depa ni. Firstly, mamat ni racun aku prolong the tenure. Suruh amek 5 years for 6K loan. Are you kidding? Katanya lagi senang approve kalo tenure lama. By that time aku dah berbelah bagi so aku apply for 18 months instead of my initial plan, 12 months only. Sudah!!Aku approved plak for 18 months. Nak change tenure xleh. For that extra 6 months, I have to pay 400 extra for interest compare to 12 months plan. Pandai nipu!! Ok.That partly my fault but how would I know aku kena tipu mamat ni hidup2. Ok. Ni aku nak differ ngan iklan2 depa ni.

Instant approval! : Wrong!! Yes, your status is approved against checking with your credit history and that’s pretty much it. Not you loan application is approved. A lot more ‘easy’ steps to go through.

No form! : Technically yes. You don’t have to isi borang bagai instead the banker would fill it out for you using shared computer for you to see as well. Easier, yes. But it gets complicated when they ask you on the spot what ur office address, office number,bla,bla. Here I was came empty handed because the ad says no borang but yet I have to answer all this on the spot? How would I know? Better if you give me borang to fill out so I can take it home tuk isi like any other relevant bank. Jadinya, borang aku jadi x lengkap.

Easy: The most misleading slogan of all. This bank service is so bad. Pegawai yang uruskan my application should be flagged for bad service. No follow up, no phonecall whatsoever. Aku sendiri kena dtg bank tuk check status application aku. WTF? Dah pre-approved tu, ada lagi 6 days for loan processing. Mak aih. Abeh tu ape beza ko ngan bank2 lain yg ko kata easy sgt? Nak kena 6 hari lagi plak ko process. Fine then. But 6 hari berlepas, still x dengar ape2 berita. After the 12th days, aku g sendiri branch tanya status application aku. Katanya dah pre-approved tapi still tgh process. Dey macha!!!*^#%^%%^&!!!!Memang bank tahap kampong lah lu!!!Terus aku nak cancel my application. And then I was told kenot cancel kat other branch so aku kena g branch yg aku apply tu plak kalo nak cancel n crk pegawai yg handle my app. Aiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Kena carik mat rempit yg handle aku nyer application balik? Nak xnak kena semak jadual aku tuk jumpa mamat sengal tu balik.

Ok lah..aku nak sambung keje..Nanti aku sampung lagi. Sorilah kebelakangan ni aku byk berblog ala sinetron ngan –to be continued bagai. Hahah. Apa nak wat. Manyak story. Kehkeh..

Current Mood : I hate RHB!!!Balik nanti aku nak potoshop gambo easy yang comey tu jadi gambor devil. Boleh? :P

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