Friday, November 26, 2010

Listening to Now : Volume November 2010

1. What's My Name - Rihanna feat Drake
Actually first single Rihanna which about the only girl tu kira dah cukup best dah as first single. Then came this one and i thought, this even better. Rihanna memang cukup fame in bringing songs with catchy tune hence why she always being featured in other's hiphop song like Eminem or JayZ. It seems she smiles more these days so i like her even better. Muka masam je sape suka. Kehkeh.

2. Mike Posner - Please Don't Go
Innovative to sum up the song. Bringing elements of arcade video games sound effect really hit the spot into my ears.

3. Waiting for The End - Linkin Park
I still remeber the days dulu time sekolah semua member2 gilakan Linkin PArk and myself included. Who thought that was almost 10 years ago and now they still bringing the same modern rock tunes and keep the creativity floated in their music videos and songs. Kudos to these guys.

4. Like A G6 Far East Movement
Unknown and i bet they gonna be a one hit wonder. But who cares. Sometimes with a guilty pleasure like this, my ride after work become much more better. Headbanging side to side looking like a freak on my own. Perhaps the only time i can act crazy and trust me, this song is infectious to your body parts.Shake or not, i bet you're screwed! :P

5. Katy Perry - Fireworks
It's been months my lisst include one of Katy Perry songs. Truth is she's one of my favorite since I Kissed a Girl came out. She just has this cheeky attitude that just melt the guys. I don't care if people say she cannot sings live but looking at these days, most of the singers do share the same connection.

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