Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bali Story......ver 4

Orait. Ver ke 4 pulak tapi kitaorang masih di hari kedua di Bali. Kira satu half day in Bali, satu version la since i have a lot of Bali pictures and story to share nih.

2.00 Lunch
After kepenatan mandi laut, right after got into the car aku tidor while on our trip to go to lunch. So aku xtau kat mana we had our lunch. Sedar-sedar dah sampai. But also in south Bali la. It's on our way to go to Dreamland Beach. Restoran ni macam restoran fancy di tengah-tengah kampung. Kat dalam ade aircond, ade waiter pakai seragam n all. Macam amek konsep restoran hotel. That's why time kitaorang masuk just ade few people which all were white guys. Makanan semuanya halal and berkonsep minang. Kat atas ade surau so kitaorang solat dulu. Pastu nak senang kitaorang just makan nasi berlauk for 3 people. Amek ler few lauk. Ikan kembong sekor, rendang dendeng 3 ketul, bergedil 3 ketul,sambal udang dalam mangkuk kecik. Sedap memang sedap.Memang rasa masakan minang macam nenek aku buat. Then tibe2 dia bawak individual fruit salad. X order pon. Member aku ingatkan complimentary. Hahah. Peredah ajela. Dapat bil amek ko. Dalam 140k kot.Dekat RM50 tu. Memang mahal la. Air pon dia cas mahal wor. Memang aku rasa diaorang ni untung kebas duit pelancong-pelancong jek.Huhu. No wonder empty. Nasib baik sedap. Terubat ler sikit hati yang x puas hati tu.

Restoran ni sedap tapi mahal.Makcik tudung biru tu cas giler2.

3.00 - Dreamland Beach

Sini much like kat Nusa Dua was a private and planned township. Tapi a little bit like terbengkalai. Maybe the fact yang it's a bit far from Kuta. It also lacked originality coz tried to call itself New Kuta. Mmm..Dalam ni banyak banglo tengah buat and also hotel yang macam terbengkalai. Because ade aktiviti korek pantai kat situ time tu plus weather yang x berapa baik, air kat situ x sebiru dalam gambar. Supposedly area situ the beach look like Orange County kat California.Kiranya it wasn't nice for us. Sampai sana, took a few pictures tetibe hujan plak. Berteduhla kami kat restoran kat situ for about half an hour. Dah abeh ujan behenti, sempat gak la aku beli aiskrim kat brother friendly tu and sembang jap. Then kitaorang blah from there since nthing interesting. 'Failure' point kat sini, batery enset dah mampos. So sedaya upaya kitaorang reserve the battery only when it necessary. huhu

Sebijik tak macam dekat range Orange County? Hehe

Tapi malangnya pantai dicemari by this bulky fellow.

4.30 - Padang-padang Beach
This beach was fairly new to me. I mean before i ever went to Bali, i never heard anything about this beach. I heard about Kuta, Nusa Dua, Dreamland, Sanur and Lovina in Bali but not this beach. Sampai sini we saw the view was spectacular. There was a high bridge, cliffs, caves and a lot of other nature's wonders. We didn't waste much time. Sampai sini terus made use of our depleting battery on my friend's camera. So it was like run, snap, die,run, snap, die. Pathetic camera we had. Huhu. Kat sini i thought air tengah surut and ombak pon kecik. So sesuai untuk mandi la although we didn't coz swimming there wasn't in ur planned plus the beach was full f green weeds. Not sure that is comfortable to swim in but it did make a great picture perfect view. It was like grass on the beach and how often do you see that. Another run, snap,die, run,snap, die..We chilled in here quite a while because of the long stretch of the beach with a lot of caves and rocks to excite us. Check out the pictures and you know what i mean. On our exit, we saw bunch of white hot girls were about to shoot a music video. Probably some shitty girl band producing a sappy and tampon-advertisement-like music video. By the way, kat sini maybe also anther great spt to see the sunset hence banyak viewpoints and ade kecak dance show also. But that's not the place for us. We wanted to go to Uluwatu for that. And off we left Padang-Padang although tour guide said need to skip a beach in our itinerary because we're late for sunset already.
High bridge dijadikan spot orang melepak nak tengok sunset.

Calm sea at PAdang-padang Beach. Ok untuk mandi but banyak seaweed hence the greenish water..

The seaweed and low tide made the caves looked more unique.

5.30 -Uluwatu

Actually this place is quite near the padang-padang beach. nly about 10 minutes drive from Padang-padang beach. While we were on the road, i saw 3 local men mandi bogel kat tepi jalan i kid you not. Actually aku x prasan at first but then 1 bike with 2 white men riding their bike and looking at the nude fellow, aku pon teralih pandangan kat diaorang. Weird scene. Sorry no pictures.Hahah. And then sampailah kat Uluwatu. Nak singgah toilet jap.Kena bayar 1k entry, OMG.Horror gila tandas. Seriously one of the most horror toilet i've been to aside from port dickson and my primary school. Huhu.Also no picture although I'm dying to get it posted to show how horrifying the toilet was. After that, proceeded to te entrance, kena byr some small amount of entrance fee which i forgot. Probably 5000IDR. Ntahla.Because i was wearing bermuda shorts, had to wear one of their sarong. My friend with long jeans on the other hand just had to tie his belt with a scarf. We warned about the mokeys here which grabs your belongings like spectacles, camera or anything small. Some even had their passport stolen by the monkeys.Hmm. But in our case, they didn't bother us. There were a lot of Japanese tourists. I heard a lot of 'sughoi...!' here and there. Yeah. The view in there was sughoi alright. By the time we were there the sun was about to set. Sini cliff dia sungguh tinggi and aku beranikan diri gak nak amek gambar tp how unfortunate, time ni kamera already kapput totally. So gunalah enset member aku yang just berkualiti VGA. Back home dapat tau sia2 je amek gambor since henset dia bluetooth and kabel pon x wujud.Hmmm. Pastu jumpa nyonya pelancong dari Malaysia sembang sikit-sikit. Hehe. And then ade pelancong Jepun bikin panik coz jatuh. Nasib baik tak jatuh kat gaung tapi hampir-hampir la..So there were a lot of 'Daijobu??' gak...hahah.

By this time orang dah berebut-rebut nak beli tiket show Kecak Dance. Funny story after a disappointing and crappy Barong Show, we planned to reconsider watching Kecak. However after saw the magnificent Uluwatu backdrop as the stage for the show plus cheaper entrance fee than BArong, i guess why not. Beli tiket terus aku tekejar nak amek a good spot for both sunset and the show.Kesian member aku yang asek kena follow aku tekejar2 sini sana camtu. I guess while we travel tu time is money actually. Nak tidor puas2, nak jalan lambat2, nak duduk2 i think u can do all that at home. Just my opinion. Tengok2 berkat cepat dapat tempat duduk ok. Right after sunset, the show started with all these shirtless men chanted cak,cak,cak. Sounds so harmonic. Apparently it was a story of Hindu's Ramayana. I rate this show a world class! Most awesome when the white monkey played with fire. I could hear a lot of 'Sughoi' during this time as well.Hahha. After habes kitaorang directly went to the avanza tuk our final stop for the day, seafood at Jimbaran.

Bahana pakai sluar pendek,aku kena pakai sarong ni.heheh

Uluwatu cliffside.. Pergkhh..Jatuh,mampos!

Berebut-rebut rang nak tengok Kecak Dance. Done at open air stage overlooking the Indian Ocean and sunset.

Kecak dance was 10 times better than Barong Dance.

8.00 Jimbaran
Lepas dari Uluwatu memang direct aku tidor dalam keta. I guess this is the only time i thought i can rest tanpa tekejar2.Heheh. Sampai dah kat Jimbaran. In here there were a lot of seaside restaurant.Sampai2 macam your typical fancy seafood restaurant. Kitarang pilih the spot kat luar. Pakcik Ali however decided n0t to join. Probably takut kitaorang kena belanja dia makanan mahal-mahal. Mhmmm. From what i thought, the price was okay for the seafood selectin compared t Malaysia so please, don't be too stingy with your money here. It's the only time you can pamper yourselves with seafood without a shocking bill at the counter like in Malaysia. Here the price were all stated in the menu/ seafood current price unlike in Malaysia where they tend to hide the price. Being a 'non-seafood-eater-coz-i-have-gout' guy, i ordered grilled chicken set while my friend ordered shrimps. Set semua tu came with rice, dips and sayur campur. Kira macam set ayam penyet tu. Initially member nak order lobster tapi mahal sikit from shrimps which he ended up regretting it coz the price (f lobster) was considered cheap compared to Malaysia. Be honest, where you can taste a lobster with that price. Huhu. Makanan sini memang tiptop with the view and the ambiance was romantic. Not for us though. We only got to enjoy other's having romance. This couple beside us, the Japanese which the guy look exactly like a famous Japanese actor even kena 'serang' by a group of musical guys.Diaorang nyanyi lagu Beatles and 'aishteru'. HIhih. Best giler. Kat sini also ade cultural show Legong dance. Memang happening sangat dinner kat sini. Plus we could see the ocean and the planes went up and down in the airport nearby. Felt like dont want to leave and the perfect spot to chill after a long and tiring day. Bayar bill, harga sama macam makan kat Restoran Minang tengahari tadi which i thought very affordable with the service we got. Sedap plak tu.

10.00 - Hotel
Sampai dah hotel. Before that we stopped buy kat 24 hours shop and aku beli jajan. Member aku beli air botol gedabak coz geli minum air kat Bali which apparently berkeladak sikit. Because we're too tired and overspent, we had to cancel our following trip the next day at 3.00 am nak tengok dolphin. Sedih coz really looking forward to it tapi apa leh wat. Next time la.Sampai bilik, sembahyang sume, terus memasing tertidor. ZZZZzzzz.

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