Friday, December 24, 2010

Just a Thought for the End of Year Recap

Another Xmas, another new Entry!!

Xmas Day today :) I love Xmas because tv banyak cite omputih. The opposite reason though why i hate Diwali or CNY although given 1 or 2 days off still has an upside..Keke. So in mode cuti ni, just a thought maybe i should write all the highlights that has happened to me over the year.

BreakUp, breakaway, break fasting and tukar brek rosak? ahaks

Basically any ups and downs that has shaped this year into what could be among the best in my lifetime :)

Tapi sebelom aku publish wajarlah aku mengarang dulu, kumpul info and sesi ingat semula. I'll get back with lotsa story. Coming soon to your nearest screen. Cheh ;P

Nak wat camne. Holiday pon have to stay in coz bajet yang sengkek memaksa keadaan. Salary oso not yet been deposited so better blog @ home. Huhuh.

Current mood : Transform jadi mamat bangla mau cuci keta..Sesi ramas mesra bersama si Panther..CARWASH!!!!!!

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