Monday, December 20, 2010

I Declare a War with the Worst Version of Myself Begins...

Another day of boredom, another ‘got time’ for new entry :P

Actually at the office I’m having task deficiency. Heheh. Not happen so often though. Only end of the year. Yelah. At this time of the year, most people in the west would take long time off hence the lack of work. There also a deployment freeze happening at the bank now. So the thing that is ongoing now only for test purposes. Also I’m doing the reaching out program for migration which I think doesn’t suit me. It’s like being a salesman for a new software and you have to push people to buy and use. Me with the lack of PR skill clearly has the problem in this area. Still working on it la. I was much worse at first. But usually I stuck when they brought the issue of procedural which I don’t know about. The issue like budget, lack of resource has become the familiar constraint when dealing with the ‘user’. At the same time you’re yourself have your own schedule to follow. So I still having problem with this. On the technical expect, I’m getting better. Every now and then, I have started contribute giving the 3rd level support although I have to admit, sometime I am not confident enough which I thought was the true solution.

This happened today. I looked at the problem I ruled out some cause and I suspect this was the actual problem but I was not certain enough it’s the real cause. Therefore, I kept it to myself. Came a much experienced technical support, he gave the same solution which I thought about but not brave enough to suggest. This clearly could create a problem in the future. Also I am working on this by studying and learning. I think the root of the problem still, lack of confidence in myself. Hmmm. I tell you if my office is a kitchen, I would boss people around because well, I know I can cook( even though x sedap pon coz I have this amazing confidence when I cook). But when it comes to my real job,mehh…..Well, cook only a job for me to fall into if my career in IT not working out. Still ambitious to become a IT Project Manager someday although getting there really slowly and probably have no potential at all. Wonder if any good career workshop out there. Mmmhmm.

Current mood: Relax mode. Addicted to Cari forum as well. How to get rid of this addiction?


  1. owh sibuk tgk Cari ek?hahaha...aku pon salu gak layan.bila xde tiket utk team,lg jauh ar selongkar Cari tu.

  2. hahah..aku x suka weyh..ketagih ler berporum mende jadah tu.x campor gik forum LowYat..argkhh