Monday, February 20, 2012

Edisi Makan : Subway oh Subway.Eat it Just The Way You Like It!

It's official!
Faveret joint aku tuk makan sekarang ni adelah Subway!
Almost practically you eat something that you cook yourself.
Beratoq, pilih itu ini and wallah, ko dapat makan something yang au sendiri nak.
Lagi-lagi semenjak keje kat Taipan ni.
Got a Subway joint close by.
And i love the fact diaorg tak tax my meal like regular fast food chains.
Harga pon leh kira affordable.

My usual choice, sub of the day with any of the cookies.


Aku prefer my bread to Wheat!
Kinda 'ugly duckling' of the breads pasal they are darker in color but i think it's the healthiest among all the choices of bread in Subway.
Love them veggies!Lagi banyak and fresh lagi best!
My usual, all of them veggies except for olive.
Aku x suka ngan olive ni.
Had it once and didn't like it at all. Kinda odd tasting.
Love makan dengan cili sos,bbq sos and mustard.

Also the fact yang subway ni economical.
With a day long sub of the day, you can eat different sandwiches each day of the week.
Also found that something more awesome and cheaper than the sub of the day.


For only RM6.30, aku boleh enjoy a sandwich full with veggies,egg and healthy slices of white meat.
Tambah gak dengan hot drinks with free refill.
Need i say more?
For only 6.30, aku kenyang sampai petang.

I think subway also among the healthiest fast food around.
So kalo makan tiap hari pon xpe kan.
Tapi xleh la.Kalo dak pokai.
Aku skrg ni makan subway at least twice a week.
My fave, Italian BMT.SUb of the day every monday.
Today i just had one of those..
And tapau 3 kepin cookies.
Apa barang McD! Unhealthy!
K lah..saje je wat post gini.
Lama x gi review2 restoran so review suway pon jadi lah..ahaks.
Allritey! Asslamualaikum and till then,BYE!

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