Friday, November 27, 2009

And The Chapter Begins......With a Bang!!!

This is our cat named Labu. Missing for over a month now. Kena curik agaknya. This first post is dedicated to the little guy and hell is reserved for the one whole stole him from our home.

Hello...Welcome to my blog. This is the first time i ever posted a blog in my life..Why now you ask? Well, some might say sharing is caring.. Well, sharing a bit of my life would be nice. Inspiration? My mum did mention a need to create a blog for our family restaurant so i figured, might as well create one of my own.. But something doesn't feel right..i think i want to go bilingual for my blog since my English is not very good. The vocabulary are consisting with mostly dirty words and even that made my mind become overload..LOL

Here's a question....what dirty word(s) that you use mostly on your daily basis.....?

Mine is Fuck(cliche,i know) and mostly i use it while driving(mostly with the encounter of nyonyas on the road. Yes,the are the clumsiest bunch of drivers in Malaysia)

BTW,feel free to check out my Facebook etc.. I welcome all sorts of new friends and reconnecting with the old ones..

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