Saturday, November 28, 2009

Perodua Alza.....ZZZZZZZ minus the A

This color is quite nice to look at

Have you heard the hearsay, preview, teaser all year long about this so called 'MPV' by Perodua? I still remember the teaser about their 'MPV' during Raya..or was it during Merdeka Day..Konon2 pelbagai kaum naik Alza..1 Malaysia,1 Kereta...LOL

And all i can say right now is, what a disappointment after all the hoopla. Seriously, a quote in MPV is needed to describe this so called 'MPV'..

Last Wednesday, i went to Perodua's showroom myself. I have to see it for myself.OMG.From a first look, mcm Myvi..Yuck..Isn't Myvi just fugly enough and swarming the road already?..Do we need another bigger version of it on the road?No please!!!Enough!!

Cramped space made for cramping legs

A look inside,i cannot ignore the cramped seating..Seriously, do Malaysian small enough to fit into those seats? Especially at the third row..Remind me of a kiddie train i used to ride in Yaohan during 90's..LOL..And there'd another thing that bothers me.The AC for the whole car is depending on the front AC alone?Seriously? Berpanasler orang yand duduk belakang tu. Dengar kata,Perodua salesman tu kata,'Aircond kuat so no problem lor'..Aiya.That's your explanation? Sesape yg nak beli aku advise try drive time tengahari tengok melebur ke dak dalam Alza tu.

The engine..1.5 with DVVT.Use the same version like Avanza with a minor difference la. I don't know about performance-wise as i went kat TTDI so malas nak test drive kat kawasan jem2 gitu.But i think it drives just like Myvi..Handling mesti KO x mcm Proton..Harga paling murah RM 55,490 for 1.5 standard Manual while plg premium RM64,190.

Sejibik macam Myvi...VOMIT!!!!!

As a conclusion, i think it's a different class from Exora. It's the same class like Avanza but minus the van-like. So i hope no one compare this 'MPV' or 'Stretched Myvi' with Exora anymore..It's an insult to Proton and a compliment for Perodua..I say if u want a bigger version of Myvi,go ahead with Alza but if u want the most affordable and real MPV, go for Exora..

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