Monday, November 30, 2009

Break things off.............

I had a huge fight with my girlfriend recently..Actually, i am kind of sick of the little things she can change but too reluctant to do so.Actually, i am done with that. How can the little things can ruin our relationship you ask? Is it because i am too fussy and cannot accept those little things? No and No.First of all, they are not little things. They are huge. One can change how i feel about her. So i have the right to 'nag'about it. And why am i not accepting those little things? The same answer i gave at the above applied to this question.

So am i about to break things off? I seriously do not know.I hate those 'little things' but i love everything else about her. But she never has the heart to change those 'little things' for my sake. These 'little things' are not hard to change. It is not a personality thing but more like a habit thing. U can change a habit right? I did.Among the hardest habit of all which is SMOKING.

Therefore, iam in quite a pickle right now..Accepting those 'little things' are hard for me because i have grown to hate them every single day and every single mention.

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