Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monday Blues.................#@?^$+!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Monday...I loathe Monday from the day i started my pre-school.
And tomorrow's Monday will be worst. It is the day after 3 days break of Raya Haji and weekend. So you know there are jobs pending and needed my immediate attention at the office. Sigh..
Do not get me wrong. I love my new job. It pays quite well for my first real job and the tasks i usually assigned with are not as mind-boggling as the tasks of becoming the software developers.
But there is just something about Monday. It's like a feeling that comes before you want to jump a cliff. It is like a feeling you have minutes before an exam. Sometimes, it is like a feeling i have whenever i am about to leave a paradise island..
What your anticipation of Monday feels like for you? Share with me aight..

1 comment:

  1. monday,monday..monday blues, i hate it.. nk kta byk keje pending xdela sgt..i always complete my task on time, LOL..but sumtimes best gk.. i dunno.. depends on da weekend lor..if busan, den i will defntly looking 4ward to the coming monday..chill