Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shane Dawson....Youtube Celebritay!!!

Shane Dawson

Youtube, Youtube...
I Love It. I think half of my time online, aku tengok Youtube.
From crazy Japanese pranks to music videos.
But weekly, i watch the original posting of Shane Dawson.
If you have not heard of him, you must be browsing Youtube only for 3gp,bohsia,etc vids..LOL
His videos constantly top the week's most viewed videos..And i am one of his avid fans.
Trust me.If you don't chuckle once while watching his video, i think there's something wrong with your brain..His jokes are original, his alter-ego as Shanaynay is hilarious and his videos not just a plain gossip like WhatTheBuck show(i hate this guy) or lame sex-headlined postings of Philip DeFranco..Shane Dawson is the deal.Without him, there is no youtube..
I even have grown to love his two cats and one dog.I know the dog's name is Miley and the cat name is Muffins.

Shane's as one of his more famous alter-ego,the girl with two eyebrows. SHANAYNAY!!!

And i have to mention her.Shane's alter-ego. Miss Shanaynay.The fiercest ghetto girl who sings about STD and pubic hair..LOL

Check out his channel here and please, watch every single videos he posted. I guarantee you laughter.

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