Monday, November 30, 2009

Company's Laptop...It Sucks!!!

Hiya and another brand new day means another brand new posting...I have to admit, it's kinda fun writing a blog walaupon tadak orang pon nak baca..kuikuikui..It sorta like a therapy for me nowadays..

Moving on, i gotta tell you about what a daily day i have at the office. First of all, there are tons of work.That's fine with me. But what i hate is the laptop they gave me. Seriously, it sucks. The RAM is low which works only for 6-7 years ago. And the battery is kiyoqq. It only retains the power for like 5 minutes or so.. Try to imagine a 100% battery depleting in 5 minutes. It's like watching a graph saham jatuh bedebuk.

Even posting a blog is an impossible task to do with this laptop. Forget about Farmville..LOL..And another thing. I can't even surf with Firefox with the network. I don't know what the explaination behind this but i think it probably regarding the proxy..

Then there's the phsical nature of the notebook. Do you know Proton Waja? It's my laptop long lost father. Bulky sums the word.And it is freaking heavy man. Trust me. I have to carry it daily, i think my shoulder blade about to pop out any day now..Paging Dr. Callie Torres of Grey's Anatomy STAT!!!LOL

O well..Masa tuk bitching and complaining dah abeh..Gotta back to work..CHEERS!!!

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