Saturday, November 28, 2009

Twilight : New Moon......Beware guys.Don't ever watch it!!

The pale guy, the tanned guy and the flat-chested girl in New Moon.

Where do i start about this movie..How about it deserves to be in the crapper..

Seriously, this movie sucks big time. Since twilight came out, girls around the world are swooning over the pale guy and the tanned guy..And the main girl got small boobs..I still remember the same reaction to this movie..It's called boyband craze circa 90's.. Now looking back, some of you girls must admit how ridiculous you were. These boybands members now looks like the has-beens that seriously looking for a gig. Some even trying to get out of lawsuits and a jail maybe? How sad.

I crack myself up the other day after hearing Backstreet Boys on the radio with their new single. How old are they now? 45? Is boyband still relevant at these age? Even put a man+band as a single word sounds ridiculous enough..LOL..

Back to the New Moon, there's nothing new about it compared to the first one.. I had the worst time in the cinema during the first one and i was dying during the second one all for the name of research and my willingness to give Twilight a second chance..Boy do i regret that decision..That was 2 hours that i never get back and RM10 that i'll never see it again..

Overall, given the success of the first twilight movie, one would expect a bigger and better New Moon but what did i get? Seriously, i don't know what. I was sleeping with my eyes opened..

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