Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yanna Kitchen

Yanna Kitchen Kota Fesyen's Branch entrance.Yes, the guy in pink is me.. :)

Hello and a bright new day it is..
Actually,as i'm writing this post, we muslim were celebrating our Aidiladha a couple of days back. So my tummy not feeling really well. You know with us being Minang and all. Our rendang are spicy. Tang nak masuk merah padam tersiksa, tang dalam perut panas membara, nak klua lak toksah cakap ler..LOL

Speaking of food, i did mention my family owns a couple of restaurants and about to open a new branch near MMU Melaka. Our first branch being near Mydin Melaka. So if you ever drop by in Melaka, do visit our restaurant called Yanna Kitchen. We serve malay food. Here's a link to the restaurant's blog :

Just as a warning, i'll be mentioning this restaurant a lot in my future posting so get used to this aight..LOL

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