Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pembentangan Bajet Raya 2010. Oh Duit....

Another problem, another new posting? Alredi?

Can someone hand me the calendar please..

Ya Allah.. Baru 3 August???

And check out my balance in my account..

Pokai kan? HUAAA

Make me wonder with bulan puasa coming, how to survive with this money alone. Actually the money depleted because in semangat of Raya, I paid for my car upfront by two months. Plus that someone cannot pay the loan so I have to make the payment even though currently I’m not using it. Xpelah.. Asalkan bayar balik sudeh. Boleh wat duit tu tuk minang mane2 anak dara terus in coming months..Hakhak..

Tuptup, I oso have to pay for the car for the coming months till November. WTF!! Kacau bilau bajet.. ARGKHHH!!!

So this is what I planned for next month.

- Freeze the Fitness First for a month of Sept so save abt 210 bucks there.

- Sorry kids but need to deduct a bit in duit raya account. Don’t be surprised when u open ur duit raya soon. HAkhak!

- With car loan for Sept already paid upfront this month, lega sikit. Save RM6++.

- I guess need to recycle the baju2 raya. Or maybe just soping light this year much like last year. Need to find 3 Tshirt for rm50 shop somewhere. And a few jeans kat uptown. T-T

- No need tuk berbuka puasa mcm orang x penah jumpa makanan. I figured need to cook for sahur while buy with a bajet of RM10 daily for berbuka MAX!

While that is fine and dandy, need to spare about RM500 for the remaining weeks after raya before gaji for the subsequent month masuk. Hopefully aku sahut cabaran ni tuk membajet. Blaja camne nak saving kalo dah berkeluarga nanti. Kira practice neh. X kisahla orang panggil aku Brader BAkhil ke, asalkan x payah menebal muka mintak sedekah ujung2 bulan. RITE? HEHEH

Current mood : X sambahyang asar gik ni walhal dah kul 6.15 so feeling2 cam setan tengah merasuk.. *_*

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