Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is the perfect parting gift for foreigner?

Another day, another new posting!

A friend of mine from Korea is going back to his home country after he has been here for 6 weeks now. But we are in dead-end here. Do not know what the perfect parting gift for him.

Here’s what I thought

Need to give him something that is uniquely Malaysian so thought of giving him Durian filled chocolate. Unfortunately he doesn’t like durian and so are the immigration plus the airline companies. hahah.

Some of my friends came with the idea of giving him dvds/cds. Pirated summore..Hahah..Can I say,WHAT? Nothing says ‘remember us back here’ than giving him a pirated cd that could be found by the immigration. If unlucky, got caught for owning a pirated copy..Hahah.

Some came up with a good idea of Upin Ipin dvd. Nothing says Malaysian like Upin Ipin. So can consider la.

He’s leaving on Friday while we’re here still dunno what to give him. Tomorrow we will have our lunch together for the the last time. All I’m gonna say is I’m gonna miss that guy!

current mood : LAPAR!

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