Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bukit Tabur Melawati part deux

So the climb began in this small path. I swore if i was alone i wouldn't knew that was the path to go up coz it was not built properly. This first climb was hard coz it was very steep and the ground was a bit slippery. Before some guy from our group was smoking during our warm-up. However while we were climbing i heard he was coughing like hell. serve him right. Orang sebelum daki kumpul aura, tenaga, oksigen etc tapi ko sebok nak berasap. Hoho..

Then we reached the first peak. I tell you that during our first climb the view were all magnificent. There were Genting Klang Lake, peak fro neighboring hill, fog, and not forgetting the lovely view of KL. During our initial peak was where the picture perfect moment. I swore to God my heart rate was maximized from the climb but after seen that view, my heart was melted. Who knew that view could be seen 10 minutes from my home.

Then we proceeded to the next peak. Nothing much. There was no any kind of animal could be seen. Just people,people, people. Apparently this hill is very famous among KL folks during weekends. Most of them were Chinese. While we were rubbing shoulders, we smiled and said hi and the all time fave, 'Is it far yet?'. Heheh.

Then we met this steep cliff. We got to clim it down. Oh my God. This is when i realzed i have FEAR OF HEIGHTS. Everyone else took about just split seconds to climb down this cliff but i tok about intense minutes. HUHUH. Then good news, berjaya turun. Bad news, there are about another one cliff i needed to climb down and several more i need to climb up. AHHHHH!!!

After severaaaaaal hours of climbing, we finally reached the what we thought was the last peak but tadaaa, another one. However this peak was optional. Most of us opt for the climb option while most of the ladies didn't. But we weren't disappointed coz this peak was a comete different from the peaks we have climbed. This peak for the most part was covered with weed. Macam karpet. Waa. ANd the were a lot f butterflies flying and stubby plants. Another picture perfect view.

Then the journey continued to the journey down. By this time, everyone had no intention of opening their mouth coz of their tiredness. By this time, i was dehydrated and my legs were tired.After about an hour and a half of climbing down, we finally reached our starting place. Alhamdulillah.

AFter that, we took time to swim at the river at the foot of the hill. Waa. Apparently this river is created from the water flow from the opening of the dam. Sometime it's open and sometime it's not so no way you can know you can swim or not.

It took us about 5-6 hour climbing up, rock climbing, holding ropes for our dear lives and of course, complain,complain and so more complain. Looking back, i never knew i could climb that hill and i swore i would never climb it again but months later, tada! I conquered the hill again..HIKHIK.

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